Our Story

Living Big Brand is the outdoor and street apparel community that promotes a successful lifestyle for all. Just as all people lead different lives, the phrase "Living Big" has a different meaning for everyone. This heavily influenced natural outdoor clothing line embraces living on the edge and with great adventure. Also an urban streetwear staple, LBB represents living life to your utmost potential and ability in all that you accomplish. We're here for the thrill seekers, the risk takers, and those who crave success in their day to day. The classically designed clothing is made to fit the lifestyle of travelers and adventure enthusiasts who are constantly on the move. With simple and modern designs, Living Big Brand gives everyone an exceptional experience, tailor-made to all different activities and lifestyles. Join in on the movement to experience your life at its peak and share the story along the way of how you truly live big. 

Living Big Brand (LBB) was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the vision of creating simple and minimalistic material designs on apparel. This is in order to complement an ambitious and vision oriented mission of living ones life to the fullest. Most people live fullfilling lives that are satisfactory to their own personal preference. Whatever your point of view, the importance of living big lies in the ability to enjoy what you do and spread that to others around you. With this passion for life, the company's heart exists in the outdoors, where exploring and traveling are essential to experience all things. The culture of LBB is to go big in everything and never hold back, pursuing life relentlessly. Our followers and customers alike set the bar high while achieving what life has to offer. Together we can all be inspired to spread the message of Living Big.